With Docket Navigator, you can set up customized queries that allow you to track specific events of interest to you.

Conduct nearly any search in the Docket Navigator database and save the search as an alert. We’ll run the search for you automatically every business day and email new results.

Here are just a few examples of the types of information you can receive alerts on:

  • Filings in a specific case
  • Events involving certain parties, firms, lawyers, or patents
  • Orders by a particular judge
  • Orders involving a specific legal issue (§ 101 unpatentability, attorney fees, willfulness, etc.)
  • Any construction of a claim term
  • Orders on more than 200 types of motions

Need help getting started?

SEND US AN EMAILThe key to creating useful alerts is crafting a targeted search query.  Let us help!  Send us an email with your question, or schedule a complimentary 10 minute consultation with our customer service team and we’ll help you create and manage the perfect alert for your needs.