Here’s a list of our features to simplify your research workflow.

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Docket Navigator Database

Access the most powerful patent litigation database available. Developed and maintained by seasoned patent litigators and some of the most qualified software engineers in the world, Docket Navigator tracks every significant event in every patent infringement case in the U.S. district courts, patent infringement investigations in the ITC, and every IPR and CBM proceeding in the PTAB. We clean and normalize public data and add powerful layers of metadata so you can find the information you need in just a few clicks.
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The Docket Report

Stay current in less than 5 minutes a day. The Docket Report provides a daily bird’s eye view of every patent case in every U.S. district court, the ITC, and IPR and CBM proceedings in the PTAB. We comb through patent litigation docket sheets (usually between 800 and 900 proceedings per day) and carefully choose significant orders or pleadings which are then summarized and categorized by type of motion and legal issue. The end result is a streamlined summary of the most applicable events occurring in patent cases across the US.
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Docket Alerts

Conduct nearly any search in the Docket Navigator database and save the search as an alert. We’ll run the search for you automatically every business day and send you an email with new results. With Docket Alerts you can effortlessly track new cases involving any company or patent, new filings in any case, decisions on evolving legal concepts (e.g., §101 unpatentability after Alice), or rulings on any type of motion (e.g., motions for attorney fees). Share, manage and remove alerts easily using our dedicated Docket Alert control panel.
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Make more informed, data-driven decisions. Use our interactive data visualization tools to compare outcomes of litigation strategies across different types of proceedings and different judges or courts. Explore litigation trends, factors that influence judicial decision-making, behavior patterns of companies in litigation, and events that impact the litigation schedule and budget. It’s all about helping patent professionals better understand and navigate the evolving patent litigation landscape.
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Fair & Simple Pricing

Pricing is based on number of users in an organization, not a particular office. Authorized users receive the Docket Report (including access to all links), unlimited access to the Docket Navigator database, and unlimited alerts.

All rates are flat monthly fees and there are no per search, per download, per alert, per minute, or per‐click charges. No long term contract is required and you can cancel your subscription for any reason at any time, with the remaining un‐used months on your subscription being refunded to you.


Number of Users

  • Single User
  • 4 – 9
  • 10 -24
  • 25 – 49
  • 50 – 99
  • 100+

Monthly Rate

  • $69
  • $230
  • $460
  • $770
  • $1000
  • $1215

Price Per User*

  • $69
  • $25.56
  • $19.17
  • $15.71
  • $10.10

*Effective rate when all seats are filled


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