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The fastest way to stay current on patent litigation news and events.

Stay up-to-date with the popular Docket Report, your customized Docket Alerts, and exclusive special reports, all delivered to your mobile device.  Quickly download documents, link to additional information in the Docket Navigator database, and share important events with colleagues all from your mobile device.  With a sleek new look and expanded features, the Docket Navigator mobile app is available now for iOS and Android.




Docket Report

The Docket Report provides a daily bird’s eye view of every patent case in every U.S. district court, the ITC and PTAB (IPR, CBM and PGR reviews) so you can stay current in 5 minutes or less each day.


Download Documents

Download complaints, petitions, and orders reported in the Docket Report and Docket Alerts for free with one click.


Quick Links To More Data

The Docket Report and Docket Alerts contain links to additional live information online at Docket Navigator such as database search results and profiles about the case, judge, companies, or legal issues reported.


Docket Alerts

Docket Alerts provide automatic updates about a specific case, patent, company, judge, or legal issue, so you can stay informed about events uniquely important to your business.


Special Reports

Download special reports analyzing patent litigation data to reveal trends and changes to the patent litigation landscape.


Share Events With Colleagues

Important events often require quick action by your team. Forward new cases, orders, and other events to colleagues with a single click. Customize the message with instructions or observations.


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